The History of Assam Tea

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Molly again. Today I want to tell you about Assam tea, which comes from the Assam state in India, a country with a rich and beautiful history connected to tea.

Assam tea has a brisk, sweet honey-like flavor that I love! And I especially love our Organic Assam!

What makes the state of Assam perfect for growing tea?

The state of Assam is located in the Northeastern region of India. The low altitude and Brahmaputra river running through the state of Assam allows for its loamy fertile soil, warm/sunny climate, and intense rainfall. This climate makes it the perfect place for growing tea.

What makes Assam tea unique?

The state of Assam is the world's most prolific tea producer. Assam teas come from a variant of the Camellia sinensis plant called Camellia assamica. The Assamica tea plant is grown as a small tree rather than the bush Camellia sinensis plant. India is home to ancient wild Assamica trees growing in their forests, which suggests that India is one of the birthplaces of tea!

Uptown Tea Shop - Premium Loose Leaf Teas and Accessories - Organic Assam

What is the best time of year to harvest?

Like most teas, the best time to harvest Assam is spring because all the excess nutrients from winter dormancy get pushed out into the new leaves. Sound familiar? That's because our Organic First Flush Darjeeling is always harvested in the spring to create the most flavorful tea.

My last note about Assam is that tea plantations in Assam run on a different time zone from the rest of India. They classify it as Tea Time, which can vary from plantation to plantation. Tea Time allows Assam tea workers to take advantage of more daylight hours because they start earlier than the rest of the country.

The next time you get to wake up early for a job, brew yourself a cup of Organic Assam, and remember you're on Tea Time!

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