Do You Have an Everest Tea Tumbler?

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The Everest Tea Tumblers are back in stock and with fun new colors. I especially like the new purple! For those of you who don’t know about these tumblers, let me just say they’re great, and if you don’t have one, you need one! Can’t decide on a color? I hear you. That’s why I now own 3! A yellow one from last year (no longer available, unfortunately), and a new red one and a purple because I couldn’t choose. I also offer a pretty pink one that I’m giving as a birthday gift to a friend. I carry guy colors too, olive green and black.

The Everest holds a generous 22 ounces of your favorite tea and is great for hot tea, iced tea, cold brews, or fruit-infused water. They make taking your tea on the go so easy. I know some of you are back at work in the office so let the Everest Tea Tumbler make your morning commute a bit happier. With their taller, slim design, these tumblers fit all standard cup holders. I have a bit of a drive into the store, and I’ll make an Imperial Breakfast tea to drink on the way in. And because I now have 3 tumblers (don’t tell my husband about my tumbler addiction, ok?) I’ll also bring an Organic Hibiscus Sangria Herbal iced tea or a Pomegranate and Blueberry Green Tea to drink later.

Three other fabulous features about these tumblers besides their fun colors:

  • they’ll keep your hot tea hot for 10 hours and your iced teas cold for 20 hours.
  • they come with generously sized fine mesh basket strainers that work for all teas. Even those big leafy green and white teas have room to expand, and your finer-particled rooibos stays safely tucked in the basket.
  • they’re great for making a cold brew too.

I will say I personally tested the hot and cold duration and can verify it’s true. For the hot test at the 7-hour mark, I had to open the lid and let it cool down because it was still so hot I couldn’t drink it, and I like my tea hot! As for the cold, we were at the beach, and I made an iced tea of Pink Dragonfruit with Ginger. It easily withstood the hot beach temperatures; plus, there were still some ice cubes that didn’t melt. My husband (he has a black one, and that doesn’t count toward my addiction, though) and I have taken these tumblers with us when we hike to stay hydrated, and we have been pleased with them. They have a handle that can attach to a carabiner on your backpack or belt for easy hands-free hiking or walking.

I hope you’re enjoying your summer, and if you need a new travel companion, check these great tumblers out.

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