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The holidays are fast approaching, and we’re here to help make your tea gift-giving easy.

We’ve carefully put together 16 wonderful tea gift collections housed in beautiful, matte-silver or matte-white, airtight canisters that anyone would love to receive.

Each gift set contains 3 airtight canisters that hold one ounce each of three different premium teas. The canisters are designed to be stacked, so they're convenient and save on space, all while keeping your tea fresh. Add a basket strainer and a Perfect Cup of Tea teaspoon to complete your gift. The canisters and accessories are gift-wrapped in clear cello packaging and adorned with beautiful curling ribbons making a lovely gift.

You can conveniently order these gift collections online and leave the shipping to us. Or you can pre-order and pick up your gift in the store by selecting Local Pickup at checkout if you prefer that option.

We hope you enjoy these selections as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Uptown Tea Shop - Premium Loose Leaf Teas and Accessories | Valentine's Day Teas

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? If you do, there’s nothing better than giving the gift of chocolate tea. I know some of you may be raising your eyebrows and think that there’s no way that chocolate tea can taste good. But I’m here to tell you my chocolate teas are wonderful. They’re really a match made in heaven. Tea plus chocolate, what’s not to like.

I have 11 different flavors of teas with chocolate in them, perfect for Valentine’s Day gifts for yourself or someone you love. Pair the tea with my small airtight tin or medium airtight tin to house your tea, add a Perfect Cup of Tea teaspoon, have us wrap it up prettily, and enjoy the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Here they are to tempt you: Chocolate Charmer is like hot chocolate in a cup with pieces of real malted milk balls. Chocolate Covered Strawberries Black Tea, the name says it all. Chocolate Mint Black Tea tastes like a Peppermint Patty. Coconut Kiss Green tastes like an Almond Joy. Decaf Chocolate Truffle has large pieces of real chocolate. Heavenly Hazelnut Black Tea and Decaf Heavenly Hazelnut Black Tea have real mini chocolate chips that melt to create a great cup. Peppermint Bark tastes like an Andes Candy. Raspberry Brownies Black Tea tastes like its name with real chocolate chips and freeze-dried whole raspberries. Birthday ParTea is a chocolate mint caffeine-free rooibos.Chocolate Orange Rooibos combines two great flavors into a great cup.

The small tins will hold one ounce of tea, and the medium tins will hold two ounces. You don’t have to do anything special at check out. When we see this combination of tea, airtight tin, and spoon, we know what to do to make it look special.

So, have I tempted you yet? Of course, these teas are good any time of the year, not only on Valentine’s Day. Think Birthday, Anniversary, or another Special Occasion.

You may also add other tea, airtight tins, and spoon selections to create your own special combinations.

Each order must contain these three things - a tea selection of one or two ounces, an airtight tin size of small or medium, and a Perfect Cup of Tea spoon for each gift package.

If at any time you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call - (734) 777-4870. I’m happy to help.