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Summertime is the perfect time for vacationing and traveling. Whether you enjoy going to the beach, lake, or mountains, or just being a nomad and doing a slow wander wherever the road takes you, it refreshes our souls.

This year vacationing seems to be part of a lot of people’s plans, mine included. I always seem to overpack, and my patient husband just rolls his eyes when he sees the size of my stuffed suitcase. Along with a variety of clothes, there’s always a selection of teas that travel with us. You can call me a tea snob, but I refuse to drink sub-standard tea! For years I’ve made pre-filled tea bags using my personal tea bags. I fill them for a 16-ounce cup and then pack them in Ziploc bags according to flavor and toss them in the dedicated bag for teas and accessories. And yes, I actually have a dedicated bag.

Hint: You can make these pre-filled bags all year long, not just when you vacation. I always have a small selection in my purse for tea emergencies.

This year I’m doing something just a bit different, though. I packed a variety of our favorite teas, some personal tea bags (just in case), and two of our brand new insulated Mennä Two Travel Tumblers. I’m super excited to use them!!!

The Mennä Two is an all-new technology for traveling tumblers with basket infusers for loose leaf tea. This fabulous product allows you to stop the steeping time whenever you choose by a twist of the locking ring. No more having to take your tea leaves out to stop the steeping! This is perfect for those who want to make a to-go cup but don’t want to fuss with waiting to take the leaves out after steeping. As I tend to often be pressed for time, this feature will make a HUGE difference for me!

The Mennä Two has another big bonus. Since your tea leaves are already in the basket, if you want to steep another cup, just refill with water, twist the locking ring to open, and let the steeping begin again. So for all of you who’ve been asking for this type of product, here it is!

If you are curious about using and cleaning this amazing tumbler, I recommend watching the videos on my product page to see this tumbler in action.

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