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Hey Everyone, it's Molly again. Welcome to my summer series on Teas and Teaching! Today, I'm going to introduce you all to the teas that led me down the path to becoming a tea enthusiast.

The first tea I want to talk about is Magic Moon. It's one of the first teas I ever brought home from the Uptown Tea Shop. Its sweet and fruity smell brought me to try it several years ago. What keeps me drinking it now is the distinct flavor profile of the tea. The union of black and green tea, matched with the exotic flavor of the papaya cubes as well as the floral flavors of the rose hip peels and sunflowers, makes me feel the wonder and magic of a child. It's like when I was little, staying up late in the summer to watch the 9 O'Clocks bloom in front of my grandparent's front porch in West Virginia.

Next, I want to tell you about Carolina Dreams Green. It's one of the first green teas I ever brought home from the Uptown Tea Shop. What I love about this tea is that it really does capture the flavors of the Carolinas! The tea combines wild strawberry, rhubarb, and vanilla flavors, bringing to mind memories of eating freshly picked strawberries from one of the many strawberry farms here in Union County. It's a refreshing tea I like to keep iced in my refrigerator over the summers to remind me of those memories!

Lastly, I want to remind you of our Sweet Tea Floats! As you may recall, my mom loves our Sweet Tea Floats —I love them too!, especially our Mango and Lemon sorbet flavors. After all, they're what brought us back to the Uptown Tea Shop week after week on Saturday afternoons during our breaks from sewing. During those weeks, which turned into years, conversations with Dani, and hearing Dani talk about tea to others sparked my desire to learn more about tea and its history. I learned so much that I started selling teas as my mom and I waited for our Sweet Tea Floats! That knowledge and enthusiasm for tea, along with High Teas, Tea Tasting, and Art Classes galore, keep me coming back for more.

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