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Uptown Tea Shop | Teas for Your Health and Wellness Toolkit

It's that time of year again...seasons are starting to change from summer to fall, and kids are going back to school. I know I've personally found that as the kids start school again, the germs seem to find them, and of course, they share them with their parents. Also, the changing seasons heralds fall colds, and allergies can kick in too.

So, what can we do to support our bodies and our health?

I've three teas I'd like to talk with you about today.

Uptown Tea Shop | Cold Season Tea


The first one is called Cold Season. Cold Season is an Ayurvedic blend to ease the discomfort of a cold or allergies.

Ayurvedic teas are not something new. They have been used for more than 5,000 years in India as their traditional, natural system of medicine. We're now the recipient of this wonderful herbal tea.

Cold Season combines different herbs and spices that can help the body fight infections and preserve your health. This tea can help cure a cold or cough, relieve headaches, and keep numerous allergies at bay. Enjoy this tea at the first sign of a cold or allergies to possibly help combat the effects. As this tea is naturally caffeine-free, it can be enjoyed any time of the day or evening. I will also add some local honey to my cup.

Uptown Tea Shop | Well Throat Tea


The second tea is Well Throat. This tea is also an Ayurvedic blend but uses different herbs and spices than Cold Season. It is designed to ease the discomfort of a sore throat due to colds or allergies.

I've found that adding some local honey also helps relieve some of the throat soreness and adds the healing powers of honey to my system.

I enjoy the flavors of both teas and certainly don't feel like I'm drinking "medicine."

Uptown Tea Shop | Organic Immunity Boosting Tea


The third tea is Organic Immunity Boosting Tea. It is inspired by a traditional European cold-busting recipe with natural sources of vitamins and antioxidants.

It is a different combination of herbs and spices than the Ayurvedic blends and designed to help give you a gentle daily immune boost. It also has calendula and valerian root, which can help you get a good night's sleep. And if you're under the weather, we know sleep and rest can really speed your recovery.

This tea tastes great and can be enjoyed any time of day or night as it's naturally caffeine-free.

Add this tea to your stash and Wellness Toolbox to help keep you healthy. This tea would be one I would feel comfortable drinking anytime, whether I'm under the weather or not.

I hope you'll consider adding these teas to your Wellness Toolbox. You never know when you'll need them. And it's so nice to have them on hand when you do.

Disclaimer: This newsletter is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. It is not to replace the advice of a qualified healthcare or medical professional.

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