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Uptown Tea Shop | Happy Labor Day

Wow! Can you believe it's Labor Day already? Where did our summer go?

I don't know about you, but it sure flew by for me. I know we'll still have some really nice warmer weather, but many people are ready for the change of season. My husband is one of them and is ready for the cooler fall weather. I'm a warm weather fan, so I'll take more of the warm weather for as long as it holds on.

Since the 1890s, our nation has had a legally designated day to honor labor and the hard-working folks who produce it - hence our Labor Day holiday.

Besides honoring laborers, it also marks the end of summer in many people's minds. A lot of us like to celebrate with family and friends with barbecues and picnics. And that will be me this year.

I'm looking forward to hosting a small gathering of friends and neighbors in my backyard. Everyone will chip in and bring things to grill, plus side dishes and desserts. Of course, I'll supply all the iced tea to quench our thirst from all the cut-throat corn hole competitions and to enjoy with our food.

Sunny Lemonade Fruit Tea is always a crowd favorite, as are Peach Perfection Black Tea and Berryliscious Green Tea. I'll have gallons of these brewed and ready to drink.

I will also make some Tea Popsicles a day or two beforehand, using my Wonderful Watermelon Green Tea, Pomegranate Blueberry Green Tea, and Strawberry Cream Fruit Tea.

However you celebrate Labor Day, I hope y'all have a wonderful and rejuvenating holiday.
~ Dani

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