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Last week I talked about my fall Apple teas. This week I want to tempt you with my Caramel teas.

So what's so great about caramel teas?

Well, just about everything. They combine exquisite caramel flavor with health benefits — all in one great package.

Caramel Karma is a Ceylon black with some green tea added for good measure. Rich caramel flavoring and roasted almond pieces complete this blend. This tea is hearty enough to handle milk or cream if you want to make this into a rich cuppa. Caramel Karma is a wonderful afternoon treat or a tea you can enjoy as a dessert without any calorie guilt. Yum! Black teas also offer the health benefits of antioxidants, may boost heart health, may lower bad cholesterol, may help reduce blood pressure, may reduce the risk of stroke, and may lower blood sugar levels. So here's to combining a great black tea with amazing flavor while enjoying its many health benefits.

Caramel Toffee Puerh — Calling all caramel lovers. This rich, creamy-sweet Puerh tea has a full, earthy body with delicious caramel flavor mixed with pistachio/hazelnut notes. A long lingering buttered toffee aftertaste finishes this tea and keeps you coming back for more. This is also a tea I would put in our dessert category. The rich, buttery toffee flavor can tame the wildest sweet tooth, all with the benefit of no calories. I also like the health benefits of Puerh tea. It can increase energy and mental focus, may promote a healthy heart, may prevent cancer, may increase bone health, aids in weight loss, reduces stress, is high in antioxidants and vitamin C, and has a natural probiotic. This tea is a win/win for taste and health.

Caramel Walnut Shortbread Rooibos is one of my delicious, naturally caffeine-free teas. This green Rooibos blend brews to an amber cup with a nutty, buttery taste and deep caramel overtones without the need for sweeteners. Just amazing! One of my personal favorites to be enjoyed any time of the day or evening as it is naturally caffeine free. Rooibos teas are also very high in antioxidants, support heart health, and can help with diabetes and blood sugar, weight management, digestive issues, and allergies.

Caramel Rooibos is another offering from our family of rooibos teas. This tea has South African Rooibos combined with creamy caramel flavoring. Naturally caffeine free and loaded with antioxidants, this tisane is lovely on its own in the afternoon or with dessert. This tea also has all the benefits mentioned above, so it is a healthy powerhouse combined with great caramel flavor. Another win/win.

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