My Fall Teas Are Here!

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I'm so excited!

My Fall Teas started arriving last week!

I can't tell you what a thrill it is to open the boxes and see all the great teas nestled inside. It's like Christmas morning for me every time I get a shipment of my teas.

Summer is starting to fade, and that's always bittersweet for me, but the lure of the fall teas has me in its grip. As the warmer weather leads into cooler mornings and evenings, my tea taste buds start to change from the berry-flavored summer teas to the apples, cinnamons, caramel, and maples that just scream fall.

So, first out of the box was my Apple Cinnamon French Toast. This is a seasonal tea, so it's been a few months since I've had the pleasure of drinking it. This fall favorite black tea tastes just like what it's called - Apple Cinnamon French Toast. It has the most amazing aroma, and your taste buds will wake right up and say make me a cup. Its combination of apples and cinnamon with a hint of maple will dance on your tongue - how's that for poetic prose? This black tea brews up to a rich amber color and will have you thinking of lazy Sunday mornings with french toast on the griddle, hot tea in your mug, and a good book waiting to be read.

Next up is Organic Grandma's Apple Pie Rooibos. This seasonal rooibos tea reminds me of homemade apple pie fresh from the oven. The crisp flavor of orchard-fresh apples mingles with the rich warmth of cinnamon and spices to give you a guilt-free indulgence. Besides its fantastic taste, this tea is also an anti-oxidant powerhouse. It's also naturally caffeine-free, so you can indulge in it any time of day or evening.

I can also offer you Apple Cinnamon Herbal tea. This naturally caffeine-free tea is rich in the warm flavors of fall and evokes memories of hot apple pies baking. It has apple bits and cinnamon chips to create an amazing-tasting cup. This tea is also a kid's favorite. And because it is caffeine-free, you, your children, or grandchildren can enjoy this tea any time, day or night.

Well, I can safely tell you I've now got the bug to make an apple pie from my Grandma's recipe. But, because I'm feeling impatient and making a pie from scratch takes a bit of time, I think I will make myself a cup of Apple Cinnamon French Toast and enjoy that instead. Now to find a cookie to go with that...

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