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Uptown Tea Shop | June Is National Iced Tea Month

Wow, it's June already! How can that be? But I'll take the warmer, sunnier weather with no complaints. As we roll into June, did you know that June is National Iced Tea Month? Not just a day or week but the whole month - I love it!

I'm an equal opportunity gal between hot and iced tea. But as the temperature goes up, I find there's nothing like a cold glass of iced tea to refresh me. I tend to go to the fruitier teas in the warmer weather.

Uptown Tea Shop | HoneyBush Peach Tea

Peach tea is always a customer favorite. So I carry a variety of different kinds of peach tea. One of my standout picks is the Honeybush Peach Tea. It's good hot, but over ice it's refreshing and delicious for the warm summer weather. Because Honeybush Peach Tea is also naturally caffeine free, you can indulge in it any time of the day or evening. It also has lots of healthy antioxidants.

Organic Ginger Peach White Tea, Peachy Keen White Tea, and Jazzy Peach White Tea are also great options. These teas are easily prepared as cold brews. In fact, I prefer them this way. When I serve them as iced teas, cold brewing is the only way I prepare them.

Just add your tea to your favorite iced tea maker — I love my Takeya Flash Chill Ice Tea Maker — add the coldest water possible, and refrigerate for 20-30 minutes. Yep, it's that fast and easy. You can't over-brew them, and they never get bitter! Another bonus is you don't have to worry about taking your tea leaves out at a specific time like you would with a hot brew. This method makes my life easy and gives me a great glass of iced tea.

I also carry two black peach teas: Peach Perfection and Decaf Peach Black. They're both fabulous.

Uptown Tea Shop | Strawberry Sundae

If you're not a huge peach tea fan, I offer lots of other great summer flavors:

And the list could go on. Feel free to browse my online store to find the teas that sound good to you.

Uptown Tea Shop | Organic Assam

Also, don't forget that our classic naturally flavored teas like Organic Assam, English Breakfast, Imperial Breakfast, Scottish Breakfast, and Organic Green Tea make lovely, refreshing iced teas.

Here's to enjoying Iced Teas,

Uptown Tea Shop | Organic Green Tea

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