Honeybush Chocolate Cake Tea

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The name of this tea says it all. If you want your dessert but don’t want to pay the price for calories, this tea is your go-to. It tastes just like chocolate cake but without any guilt.

Honeybush Chocolate Cake is a naturally sweet, caffeine-free tea from South Africa, as are its counterparts, Organic Honeybush Vanilla and Honeybush Peach. These wild growing plants thrive exclusively on mountain ranges in the Longkloof District and were discovered in the 18th century. Honeybush had a resurgence in the 1990s and has since grown worldwide in popularity.

This delicious chocolatey blend is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth, like me, who wants to combine the health benefits of honeybush with the great flavor of chocolate cake. I also love that I’m not adding extra calories to my day.

This tea is a gentle, naturally sweet, caffeine-free tea that is perfect for drinking at any time of the day or evening. If you lived in South Africa, you would find this tea simmering on many stoves all day for easy access to a cup of tea anytime. This is possible because honeybush doesn’t become bitter when boiled or steeped too long, unlike its counterpart from the Camellia Sinensis plant. South Africans also call the honeybush plant a “vegetable bush” because of its pod-shaped fruit and knobby roots. It has bright yellow blooms that smell like honey, hence the name. A huge bonus is that the chocolate cake aroma makes your kitchen smell fantastic.

Honeybush is low in tannins but high in antioxidants. Early research suggests that the flavanones in honeybush have the potential to boost your immune system. Honeybush may also be beneficial as an anti-inflammatory and for heart health. Honeybush has also been used for years to treat coughs, aid digestion, calm colicky babies and help the symptoms of menopause.

So, if you’re a chocolate fan, this is a must-try. The powerful health benefits of honeybush combined with taste-tempting chocolate are a win-win.

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