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Uptown Tea Shop | Tea Gift Sets

In my world, once Thanksgiving is over, it's Christmas time. I enjoy each holiday as they come, but I can honestly say Christmas is my favorite holiday. I like the beautifully decorated trees, holiday ornaments, amazing lights, and even the shopping.

Now that I can officially start my Christmas season, I'm full force into it.

I'm actually impressed with myself that my tree is up and decorated, holiday ornaments are out around the house, and my wreath is on the door. It has been a challenge for some years to get it all done, but this year, for some unknown reason, it was easy peasy. The store is almost entirely decorated, too. A few more things to do, and I'll be done. Yippee. I can sit back and enjoy the beautiful decorations.

But then I think about Christmas gifts and what I still have to do. Yep, it's all of it.

One of the gifts I really enjoy giving is tea to my tea-loving friends. They love getting it, and I love figuring out what teas would make them happy.

Sometimes, it's the faithful standbys like Earl Grey Creme de la Creme, English Breakfast, or Organic French Breakfast joined by something new like Chocolate Covered Strawberries Black Tea, Milk Oolong, or Green Cinnamon Twist to bring about some pizzaz.

Often, I add accessories like a new basket strainer or a Perfect Cup of Tea Spoon to make brewing tea easy. I don't believe there's ever a wrong combination.

Uptown Tea Shop | Durable Tea Strainers

I know you're thinking, "You work with tea every day, so you know all about them, but I'm a newbie and am just getting started in tea, so I'm a bit confused."

Or, maybe, you've been drinking tea for a while and want to share some with your friends and family but aren't sure where to start. Well, my friends, I've got you covered. I thoughtfully put together 16 wonderful Tea Gift Collections. There are so many great choices and combinations that I'm sure you'll find just the right one for each person you want to gift tea to.

Uptown Tea Shop | Tea Gift Sets With Two Different Airtight Canisters

All gift sets contain 3 airtight canisters in your choice of matte-silver or matte-white. A single canister holds one ounce of each of three different premium teas. The canisters are designed to be stacked, so they're convenient and save space while keeping your tea fresh. I love how they look in my kitchen, and I know they will look great in yours or your friends' or families'. You can also add a basket strainer and a Perfect Cup of Tea Spoon to complete your gift. The canisters and accessories are gift-wrapped in clear cello packaging and adorned with beautiful curling ribbons. What a lovely gift. They'll make you look like a tea-giving rock star!

I also do custom sets on the off chance that I don't have a set you want. You can choose your canister color, matte-silver or matte-white, pick the teas and accessories you want, and I'll gift wrap them for you.

Uptown Tea Shop | Floral Airtight Canisters

My new colorful, floral, airtight canisters are another great option. Each canister has an inner seal to keep your tea airtight and fresher for longer. These beautiful canisters hold 3-4 ounces of your favorite tea. These make great gifts for someone special or even treat yourself to one or two.

So go ahead and shop with confidence and know your tea gift sets and canisters are taken care of.


Uptown Tea Shop | December High Tea

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