Feeling Stressed Out? This is what I drink to counteract stress.

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We all know that sustained amounts of high stress are not good for you. With that being said, I will say that I’ve had a very stressful three days. Much more so than usual.

I’m sure a lot of you can relate to technology failure stress.

I’m one of those people who love technology. I want to turn my computer, phone, or tablet on and just have it work. I have no desire to know how it all works, though. This, of course, causes all kinds of havoc when you have to troubleshoot because things have gone kerflooey.

When I realized I had no internet service 3 days ago, I made my first cup of Green Cinnamon Twist tea. Once I was fortified with the tea, I was ready to start tackling the problem.

How many of you know the difference between modems and routers, and which box is which? Just asking... 6 hours later, 6 large mugs of Green Cinnamon Twist and no resolution to the problem. I gave up and went home.

Day 2 - Still no internet...big sigh. Started the day with Green Cinnamon Twist and more phone calls to try and fix the problem. Added Silver Needle White Tea with Jasmine to my tea repertoire when I was on hold, transferred to another department - and then my call was dropped. I finally wrestled my phone into compliance to become a hot spot to run my store iPad. Internet was still down all day...

Day 3 - Still no internet...sob. I was alternating between large mugs of Green Cinnamon Twist and Silver Needle White Tea with Jasmine when I had to add Lavender Lace Herbal Tisane to the party. I was frantic, really unhappy, and beyond irritated. I needed my internet working! It was crazy how dependent I’d become on it for so many aspects of my business and personal life.

Finally...Late afternoon on day 3, my hero arrived to save the day. A fabulous young man who knew what he was doing figured out the problem and got me back up and running. I had to restrain myself from doing the happy dance and then hugging and kissing him in gratitude. Thank goodness for IT and techy people. We couldn’t survive without them.

And I sure couldn’t have made it through these last 3 very stressful days without my wonderful teas. They helped me keep my sanity.

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