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Peach tea and summer just seem to naturally go together. I find that I’m always making a fresh pitcher of iced peach tea either for home or for the store. I love that I have such a variety of peach teas to choose from, so I never get bored.

I have three types of peach black tea: Peach Perfection, Peach Mojito, and Decaf Peach Black. Of all the varieties, these three are the most robust.

Peach Perfection has small pieces of real peaches...yum.

Peach Mojito tastes just like the mojito drinks we all like; feel free to add rum and fresh mint to finish it off.

Decaf Peach Black is great for drinking all day and into the evening with no caffeine buzz to keep you awake at night. I brew these up hot and pour them over ice once they’ve cooled down.

Peachy Apricot Green tea is my offering in the green tea category. It wonderfully combines two great summertime fruits, peach and apricot. I prefer to brew this delicious tea using the cold brew method. See my previous newsletter on brewing methods.

White teas have two great offerings: Peachy Keen White and Organic Ginger Peach. Both teas are very light in color but still pack a nice flavor punch. I enjoy adding fresh peach slices to these teas for a pretty presentation or a handful of fresh raspberries just to mix it up. I also prefer to cold brew these two teas.

So, as the summer heat continues, make a big pitcher of refreshing iced peach tea, pour yourself a tall glass, grab a good book, and relax in the shade. Life is good.

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