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What is your morning like? Are you heading back to the office and the morning commute? Do you have kids going back to school, or do you still get to work from home?

My morning is definitely different today than when I had kids at home. Now I just have my husband and my dogs to claim my morning attention. What is the same is that I’m a “slow starter.” That means I prefer not to get up at the crack of dawn, leap out of bed, and hit the ground running. I like to enjoy a little bit of quiet before I let the dogs out and have my first cup of tea to get my brain cells working. Then the day can start.

When my kids were still in school, I would roust them from their beds. And while they were getting ready for school, I would have my first cup of tea.

Uptown Tea Shop - Premium Loose Leaf Teas and Accessories

My day then and now still starts with a bracing cup of black tea.

Imperial Breakfast is a tea that I’ve enjoyed for a long time. It’s a blend of Darjeeling and Keemun and is so very smooth.

Two other choices that I enjoy have a bit more caffeine in them for those days when I need a little more help getting going.

Breakfast Cuppa or Organic Rise and Shine do the trick.

Breakfast Cuppa is Ceylon black tea with roasted Mate and hazelnut flavoring. Mate is also known for increasing your energy levels and increase focus.

Organic Rise and Shine is a blend of Pu’erh, black tea, and vanilla. This tea also has natural probiotics in it, which makes your tummy happy.

If you prefer green tea, give Organic Genmaicha Matcha or Yerba Mate a try. These teas have many natural flavors, will increase your energy levels, and offer lots of antioxidants to boost your immune system.

No matter what type of tea you enjoy or your morning routine, I hope your day starts with a good cup of tea and some positive and loving words.

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