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Organic Fit Body Green Tea

It’s the start of a brand New Year - 2024!

The beginning of January is always a good time to decide what I want to improve in the first quarter of the New Year. This includes both personal and professional things.

I find plugging into a shorter time span is more effective and offers me a much better chance at success. I love the mental shift a shorter time frame gives me. I can break things down by the day, week, and month if I want to feel like I’m really accomplishing things.

I also give myself “grace.” So, if I don’t achieve what I wanted that day, I regroup and start again the next day. I think that’s the secret. Never give up.

Positivi-Tea is the key to a zen life.

I’m sure you can relate to the disappointment we feel when we fall short of those pesky “New Year’s Resolutions.”

Even with the best intentions, most things don’t survive past January, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this. I’ve found that making resolutions isn’t the best way to go about things. Using smaller time frames, as my friend and mentor, Christy Wright, suggests, seems to work for me.

She says to look at “What’s Right,” “What’s Wrong,” “What’s Missing,” and “What’s Confusing.”

We can do this in all areas of our lives and at any time, which makes this method so powerful.

The Little Things in Life Matter

My “What’s Wrong” to be worked on in January and the first quarter is to get back into my exercise routine and drink more green tea.

From just before November until now, I’ve severely lapsed with my physical fitness routines, which I actually love to do.

I know many of you raised your eyebrows at that, but I always feel better both mentally and physically after I complete a workout. It helps with stress reduction, too.

I also want to drink more green tea. Although I drink many tea varieties, I want to become more intentional.

Yoga Pose | Organic Fit Body Green Tea

One of my favorite green teas is the Organic Fit Body Green Tea.

This metabolism-boosting tea combines organic green tea, organic yerba mate, organic rooibos, organic lemongrass, organic matcha, and lemon myrtle for a thirst-quenching drink.

It’s a delicious, smooth, and invigorating tea that bursts with lemon flavor.

As a bonus, it has zero calories. So, for those who want to drop a few holiday pounds, this is a great choice to add to your new lifestyle. It’s also a healthy alternative to ready-to-drink bottled teas.

Organic Fit Body Green Tea is great hot first thing in the morning to get you moving and to sip on all day.

I also enjoy making this tea as a cold brew and having it ready to go in my fridge whenever I want something cold. I love this versatility.

One note: Organic Fit Body Green Tea has a smidge more caffeine. If you are sensitive to caffeine, you may want to enjoy this tea earlier in the day.

And on that note, I’m lacing up my tennis shoes, grabbing Phoebe, Teagan, and Charlotte, and we’re off for our morning 3-4 mile walk.

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