Only 6 Saturdays Till Christmas!

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Only 6 Saturdays till Christmas or 41 days, but who’s counting?

I was reminded this week how close Christmas and the holidays really are by one of my customers who was just finishing her Christmas shopping. I’m impressed she’s ahead of the game, but I think I’m like most of you who are just starting to think about the gift-giving season.

I enjoy giving the gift of tea to all my tea-loving family and friends — I know, a big surprise there, right? I get to think about all the special people in my life and then select the teas they would enjoy. I gave tea gifts way before I had my store, though. My Grandma and Mom were big tea drinkers and got tins or bags of their favorite teas, especially at the holidays. I always tried to add a new tea to the gift along with their favorites, and sometimes this new tea joined their favorites list.

Last year I rolled out my three-tiered canister gift sets, which were a huge hit. Because of production and shipping issues, I had to change up the canisters for this year, but I think you’ll agree the new ones are incredibly nice too. I found beautiful airtight, round, stackable canisters in silver and white (new this year). The gift sets are available in 16 different tea collections. You can choose between silver and white canisters and add a Perfect Cup of Tea Teaspoon and one of my basket strainers to complete your gifts.

I hand gift-wrap your gift set in clear cello and adorn it with beautiful ribbons. It’s a gorgeous gift anyone would love to receive!

These gift sets are available online or in the store.

I can also do custom gift sets if you don’t find anything in the 16 tea collections that would work.

All tins — online or in-store — can also be purchased separately and in different quantities and customized to your gift-giving needs. The smaller silver tins are also airtight and stackable, just like their bigger sister.

So grab a cup of tea, check out my gift collections, or browse through all the teas and accessories available. You can confidently make your tea gift-giving list and know I’ve got you covered.

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