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Beautiful You White Tea

I’m happy to tell you that I’ve added a delicious new white tea for you to enjoy.

I hadn’t planned on expanding my white tea selection, but this tea was too tempting to pass up. Plus, white tea is so good for you that I just had to add it to my white tea collection.

The new tea is called Beautiful You White Tea. This lovely tea blend delightfully combines muted, lemony citrus notes with a soft blueberry flavor. Natural fruit pieces and bamboo happily mix with the delicate aroma of white tea for a cup that is both flavorful and rich in antioxidants, making it so good for you.

White tea also has a generous amount of phenols (the good stuff we want more of), which are thought to strengthen collagen and elastin to help create smooth, firm skin and prevent wrinkles so we can all look younger longer. Not only does this tea taste great, but your skin will also thank you for it.

Drink Beautiful You White Tea hot or over ice and enjoy it year-round, no matter the temperature.

So here’s to having healthier skin with fewer wrinkles while relishing a wonderful new cuppa

~ Dani

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