Do You Need a Wake-Up Call?

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I don’t know about you, but mornings have been a bit difficult for me this last week. I’ve just not been able to get going and get into my regular morning routine in a timely manner. My alarm snooze feature has been my best friend...sigh. I was late to work all week...another big sigh...and once I got to the store, I just kept yawning.

I’m not sure why I was having such trouble, but the only thing that saved me all week was my morning wake-up teas. These are the teas that have a bit more caffeine, or juice as I like to say, to help you get going or to stay awake.

Organic Rise and Shine pairs Puerh with vanilla and black tea to create a perfect morning cuppa. The smooth flavor just sets the tone for the start of a really good day. And yes, it did help wake me up. I like the health benefits that Puerh has to offer too.

Dark Heart is another Puerh with a medium to full-bodied flavor. This tea is actually pressed into adorable heart-shaped pieces containing real rose petals. If you brew this tea on a short steeping cycle of about 3 to 3 1/2 minutes, you will taste a dusty rose flavor. If you go to the long end of the steep cycle, closer to the 5-minute mark, you will get a very robust, darker-tasting cup of tea with just a hint of rose. Either way is delicious.

Breakfast Cuppa Black Tea is Ceylon black tea with roasted Mate and delicious hazelnut flavoring. It is said that Mate can boost your energy levels and increase your focus without any jitters. I can personally attest that it does both, at least for me. This is a winning combination.

Imperial Breakfast combines Darjeeling and Keemun teas and is so deliciously smooth! The cup was empty before I knew it, so I had to brew another one or two, but who’s counting? This tea doesn’t have as much caffeine as the previous three teas, but I just love how it tastes.

There were also various other breakfast teas that I liberally indulged in: Breakfast Blend Ceylon, English Breakfast, Organic French Breakfast, Irish Breakfast Black, and Scottish Breakfast Black. Again, these teas don’t have as much caffeine as the first three I talked about but have more robust flavors to help get you going. They also handle milk and sugar or honey if you so desire.

These teas got me through the week, and if you need a wake-up call or pick-me-up, give them a try.

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