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Uptown Tea Shop - Premium Loose Leaf Teas and Accessories

I’m excited to let you know about the changes I’ve been making on the website and physical store location. I still have all the great teas you love, but in an updated website and an updated, fresh new storefront - I haven’t moved. I’m still at the same location inside Eight Legs Gallery; things are just improved.

When I started the tea shop, I put a lot of thought and creativity into my logo, website, and marketing ideas. I was happy with what I had put together. However, as most of you know, when you work with something over time, you get new ideas, and things grow and improve...so this is where we are now.

About 4 months ago, I started the revamping of the website. I wanted it to have a fresh, new look with the teas streamlined and organized to make online browsing easier. I added new arrivals - connoisseur and holiday collections - to showcase those teas along with our regular offerings. I changed the colors to a very pretty green (yes, it’s because I’m a tea store, lol) and have a new, fun, modern logo (because tea is fun, right).

Uptown Tea Shop - Premium Loose Leaf Teas and Accessories

The inspiration for all of this came from a painting that just magically appeared one day. I had a general idea of what I wanted, but when I saw this painting, it was an ah-ha moment. My inspiration had arrived. So the color scheme for the storefront, website, and pieces of the logo are all intertwined with this painting.

The storefront is almost completed with new shelving, light fixtures, and paint. Hopefully, the last bit of new shelving will be up within the next week. The website will continue to grow/evolve with new pictures showcasing our fabulous teas. I’ll continue to work to make your shopping experience the best it can be, whether you shop in person or online.

Uptown Tea Shop - Premium Loose Leaf Teas and Accessories

If you live nearby, please stop in and see all the improvements, and of course, check out all the teas. If you’re visiting us online, please drop me a note and let me know what you think of the website changes. I always love to hear from you. Also, don’t be shy about asking for new teas. I’m open to hearing what type and flavor of teas you’d enjoy drinking.

Steeped in gratitude for your continued support and patronage of the Uptown Tea Shop,

Dani Noto

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