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So, for all you oolong fans, have you heard or tasted Milk Oolong yet? I can tell you this tea had me from the moment I smelled it! A rich, sweet, buttery taste was my first impression of this tea, and it sure didn't disappoint when it was brewed. The flavor I smelled was the flavor it brewed to, and it was delicious.

Milk Oolong has dark and slightly curled tea leaves that will brew into a light amber cup with a milky, sweet, buttery taste. There is no actual milk in this tea! The creamy flavor is achieved by how the tea is harvested and processed. So, my lactose intolerant friends, you too can enjoy this tea with no problems.

Milk Oolong is harvested from high in the Fujian mountains between March and December. It's a labor-intensive process since the tea is harvested from the mountains' sides. Can you imagine doing that? Working on the side of a mountain to hand pick tea? My hats off to those wonderful workers on those tea plantations who bring us this incredible tea.

There are many health benefits to drinking oolong tea. It has a low caffeine content and is high in the antioxidant category.

It can also help with weight loss, teeth strengthening, and combating skin aging.

Another great benefit is that oolong helps with increased concentration and focus. I personally find this very helpful in the morning when I need to focus to get my head in gear; yep, I'm not a morning person. Or in the afternoon, if I'm in the middle of something and really need to focus and concentrate to complete what I was doing. And yes, even with a great cup of Milk Oolong tea by my side, sometimes it all doesn't get done.

The great advantage to this tea is that it can be brewed up to 7 steepings! The flavor profile changes with each brew, but that's the beauty of it.

It's also great hot or over ice, so, with the extra steepings, you can experiment and easily try it both ways.

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