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Ever wondered what to do with your tea leaves besides throwing them out?

Well, I’ll share one of my secrets.

I use them all over in my garden and around my trees.

When I’ve finished brewing my tea (and the flavor doesn’t matter), I take the used tea-leaves (no need to dry them out) and add them to my potting soil, garden soil, or compost bin. This gives me an acid-rich, nourishing compost that I use all over my garden to fertilize and grow my plants.

Another great thing about using tea leaves in your garden: it keeps pests, slugs, mice, and other fungal infections at bay.

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Here is another plant tip: To help nourish and protect your favorite house plants against fungal infections, spritz them with the leftover tea in your mugs and teapots — just make sure the tea you’re using doesn’t have any milk, cream, or added sweeteners. Simply pour the cooled tea into a spray bottle, and you’re ready to go.

I hope you’ll give these two tips a try. You’ll be amazed at how your garden grows.

Enjoy your tea, and don't forget to check out my online store for some great tea ideas.

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