🍫🫖Dessert in a Cup: Two New Fabulous Chocolate Teas!🫖🍫

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Dessert in a Cup

There are a lot of Earl Grey Tea offerings out there. On a lark, I requested a sample of a tea that sounded intriguing.

When our sample arrived, my tasting crew was immediately excited to try it. So we brewed it up, poured it into our little sampling cups, and tasted it. We all agreed it was delicious and exceeded our expectations, and as a bonus, it is an organic tea.

So here you go. Meet our newest Earl Grey tea: Organic Chocolate Earl Grey Black Tea.

Organic Chocolate Earl Grey Black Tea combines a rich black tea with Italian bergamot and silky, sweet, real chocolate morsels. This tea will call all you fans of Earl Grey and chocolate. Enjoy this deliciously smooth, antioxidant-rich tea whenever you want an Earl Grey with a fun twist. Organic Chocolate Earl Grey Black Tea is dessert in a cup and is destined to become a new classic.

My second new tea offering is White Chocolate Indulgence Puerh Tea.

White Chocolate Indulgence Puerh Tea

White Chocolate Indulgence Puerh Tea combines a ripe Puerh known for its hearty earthiness with sweet white chocolate. This dessert-in-a-cup combo is a match made in the heavens. It is deliciously smooth. You can’t over-steep it either. Indulge in a cup or pot anytime you want a rich tea with white chocolate overtones.

So, as we’re still a few days ahead of Valentine’s Day, these teas would make a great gift for you or someone special. I challenge you to be one of the first to try these new teas!


Love Grows When Friends Have Tea Together!

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