Chocolate Teas, Perfect for Valentine’s Day

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Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Uptown Tea has
Chocolate Tea for you.

As you can tell, poetry is not my strong suit, haha, so I won’t be giving up my day job. But, I did want to tell you about my chocolate teas. I have 11 different flavors of teas with chocolate in them, perfect for Valentine’s Day gifts for yourself or someone you love.

I know some of you may be raising your eyebrows and be thinking that there’s no way that chocolate tea can taste good. But I’m here to tell you my chocolate teas are wonderful! They’re really a match made in heaven. Tea plus chocolate, what’s not to like.

Here they are to tempt you:

So, have I tempted you yet?

To sweeten the pot, you can purchase my small airtight tin or medium airtight tin to house your tea, add a Perfect Cup of Tea teaspoon, have us wrap it up prettily, and enjoy the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

The small tins will hold one ounce of tea, and the medium tins will hold two ounces. You don’t have to do anything special at check out. When we see this combination of tea, tins, and spoon, we know how to make it look special.

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