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Uptown Tea Shop | Piña Colada Fruit Tea

In my never-ending search to bring you great new teas, this one crossed my path, and I had to bring it in. It just screams summer!

If you like Piña Coladas, you’re gonna love this tea.

Piña Colada Fruit Tea tastes just like your favorite summer drink. Sweet, juicy pineapple paired with crunchy coconut chips, coconut shreds, and freeze-dried yellow pineapple pieces create this classic flavor. I love this tea over ice!!! It has low acidity, in case pineapple bothers you, and no caffeine. So you can indulge in this tea any time of the day or evening.

As soon as this tea hit my door, I brewed two quarts in my Takeya Iced Tea Maker using the traditional hot tea brewing method. I let it steep for 8-10 minutes which is longer than usual but is what is recommended. I allowed it to cool down on my counter for about an hour and then popped it into the fridge to finish the chilling process. Once cool, I poured it over ice, and — OMG — did I enjoy it. You could always add fresh pineapple, maybe a couple of cherries, and if you like rum or vodka, you could add a splash of one of those too. To finish, add a cute little umbrella and a straw, and you’ve got a fun tropical drink. Who knew tea could be so fun and versatile?

Here’s one of my favorite ice cube hacks for iced tea. Make a larger batch of your favorite iced tea and pour the extra into ice cube trays. Freeze, and use these ice cubes to cool your tea. As they melt, they won’t dilute the flavor of your tea since the ice cubes are made with the same tea you are drinking.

Now I’m off to sit on my porch, prop my feet up, enjoy another glass of Piña Colada Fruit tea, and watch the dogs play and romp in the yard as the day winds down.

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