It’s Almost Time to Celebrate Dad

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Uptown Tea Shop - Premium Loose Leaf Teas and Accessories - Happy Father's Day

June 20th is Father’s Day.

I was lucky to have had a wonderful Dad who was always there for me. Unfortunately, my Dad passed away, but I enjoyed making his day special when he was alive. I always made my homemade cheesecake with cherry or blueberry topping. I bought him a hardcover book — he loved spy novels — and then we would enjoy a tea cocktail on the porch while we ate the cheesecake.

He had two favorite cocktails: Absolut Vodka mixed with Cranberry Orange Black Tea, or, if he wanted something more tropical, he’d go for the Organic Hibiscus Sangria. You can mix Absolut Vodka or your favorite vodka with any fruit-flavored tea for a refreshing cocktail. Crown Royal with Decaf Vanilla Dream on the rocks was another fun one he enjoyed.

I miss those days and those quiet happy times.

If you’re lucky enough to still have your Dad check out my Father’s Day Tea Collection and spoil him with some wonderful teas and accessories. Whether he enjoys his tea hot or over ice, we have something for everyone.

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