Shangri-La Iced Oolong

  • $13.50

Shangri-La Iced Oolong has dark and slightly curled tea leaves that brew into a light amber cup with a strong fruity aroma with a long-lasting, sweet after-taste.

The tea can be brewed up to 3 steepings.

There are many health benefits to drinking oolong tea, including weight loss, teeth strengthening, combating the aging of the skin, and increased concentration and focus.

This is a welcome addition to any connoisseur’s tea collection.

Shangri-La Iced Oolong has a low caffeine content but is high in the antioxidant category. This tea is harvested in the Wuyi Mountains of Northern Fujian in an area called Leaping Tiger Forest (for reasons one can only imagine).

This tea is great hot or over ice.

Sold by the ounce.

Ingredients: Oolong Tea