Organic Teas

  • $36.90

These are some of our favorite organic teas for those tea lovers who prefer to choose organic when possible.

Enjoy one ounce each of

  • Organic French Breakfast,
  • Organic Ginger Peach, and
  • Organic Jasmine Bouquet.

Each gift set contains 3 airtight canisters that hold one ounce each of three different premium teas. The canisters are designed to be stacked, so they're convenient and save on space, all while keeping your tea fresh.

Add a basket strainer and a Perfect Cup of Tea teaspoon to complete your gift.

The canisters and accessories are gift-wrapped in clear cello packaging and adorned with beautiful curling ribbons making a lovely gift.

Should you wish to add a tea strainer/infuser or a tea spoon to your order, please select from the drop-down menus.