Craft Cold Brew Filter

  • $18.95

Did you know you can sip fresh tea all day long without using a kettle?

The Craft Cold Brew Filter expands the functionality of any size wide-mouth Mason jar you may have on hand so you can make gourmet beverages at home anytime. Cold brew tea is easy to make and tastes smooth and delicious with less astringency and bitterness. Add your tea, mocktail, or craft cocktail to any 16, 24, 32, or even 64-ounce wide-mouth mason jar, screw on the Craft Cold Brew Filter, and chill until ready. As your tea leaves float freely in the water inside the jar, you get the most flavor out of your teas. An integrated Stainless Steel filter strains your beverage when serving or decanting. Rubberized grips on the Craft Cold Brew Filter’s handle ensure a comfortable grip while you pour.

Mason jar not included.