Tea Tasting - Saturday, February 19th - 11 a.m.

Tea Tasting - Saturday, February 19th - 11 a.m.

  • $30.00

Are you curious and maybe slightly overwhelmed with all the different kinds of teas available?

This is your chance to explore and taste different teas - black, oolong, green, white, rooibos, and herbal.

Molly and I will guide you through sampling these different teas, their origins, flavors, and other interesting facts. We will have a selection of teas ready to brew and taste in a limited seating event.

We can host 10 people, so grab your friends, significant others, or family members and get ready for a fun time.

Please pre-register by Thursday, February 17th.

Food: If you would like scones and chocolate strawberries after the tasting event, it’s available for $10. Please include your food purchase at the time of registration.